When you love something, you take care of it. With proper care, your favorite byEDÉN athletic wear will last much longer, so you can keep on loving it. Follow these Pre-Wash, Washday, and Post-Wash tips to keep your byEDÉN apparel like new. 
Turn It Inside Out: This one is easy since most of our clothes end up inside out when we get undressed. Leaving them inside out will preserve vibrant colors and reduce fading.
Pull Out The Pads: We’ve all had to deal with wrinkled or folded pads in our sport bras. If yours come with removable pads, set them aside before starting your laundry.
Keep It All Together: Most athletic wear and athleisure is made with similar materials that have special washing instructions. Washing all your leggings, sport bras, gym socks, and workout shirts at the same time means you only need do a special load once. Just make sure you don’t wait too long between loads.

Less Is More: There are two ways we recommend washing your athletic wear; you can either go for a sports-specific detergent that will target the high-acidity sweat in your clothing, or you can choose a very mild detergent that won’t damage the fabric. Either way, don’t use fabric softener, which has silicone that will damage your clothes’ moisture wicking properties, and don’t use scent beads, which just add a layer of wax to the fabric. If your clothing still smells after washing, soak it in a mixture of cold water and up to ½ cup of distilled white vinegar for an hour, then rewash it.
Gentle Cycle vs. Hand Wash: Hand washing is possibly the best way to keep your clothes in perfect shape, but life is busy, and it takes a while to do. The next best thing is a gentle cycle; if your washing machine has an option for Delicates, Hand Wash, or Gentle Cycle, choose that. If not, set the water temperature to Cool and the spin speed to Low. If you’re worried your clothes may snag or stretch, a mesh garment bag is a great solution.

Air-Dry Is Best: Heat from a dryer will damage your clothes faster than most anything else and can make stretchy fabric susceptible to rips and tears. When at all possible, let your clothes air dry so they retain their elasticity and don’t shrink. If you have a drying rack, lay longer pieces—like leggings or long-sleeved shirts—flat so the weight of the water doesn’t stretch them out.
Pilling Just Happens: It can be worse if your clothes are washed incorrectly, but pilling can also be caused by normal wear, especially wherever fabric rubs together. If you start to notice pilling, it’s okay to carefully pull it off.
Keep Ironing At A Minimum: In most cases, these clothes are made to fit snugly against your skin and won’t need ironing. If you absolutely have to, though, you can use a dry iron on its coolest setting. For printed fabrics, it’s best practice to iron them inside out.

Please remember that all of these care instructions are guidelines. It’s always best to read the laundry label that’s sewn into your clothing and follow it precisely. Thank you for purchasing byEDÉN sportswear. We hope you love our apparel for years to come.